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Artist | Designer | Educator

Hi! I'm Lindsey Rush Hawkins, an artist and designer in the Atlanta area. Since 1997, I’ve been a professional fine artist and graphic designer.

These days I focus on learning experience, content management, instructional design, and knowledge sharing. I also have expert experience in print, photography, branding, video production, and eLearning.


Artist: I paint, hike for photos, and will draw on you if you stay still long enough.

Designer: Give me a problem and I'll solve it. Visual communication is all around us and I'm ready to talk about it. 

Educator: I believe that knowledge is meant to be collected and shared. I respect the student's need to learn and the teacher's patience to give.

Thank you for visiting my website. Over the years I've touched many forms of art and design. This collection is some of my favorite pieces to share with you.

~ Peace

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